The event umbrella in 2024

What is event umbrella?

Event umbrellas are products used to protect and shield people from the sun, rain, wind or other harsh weather elements… Besides, event umbrellas are also known as sun umbrellas, school yard umbrellas, etc.

How are event umbrellas commonly used?

Event umbrellas are often used to protect from rain and sun, used in areas with large spaces to organize outdoor events, meetings, and outdoor activities that require large coverage. Event umbrellas and umbrella products are often large and are calculated by diameter: 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m…

The event umbrella in 2024

The demand for event umbrella and sun umbrellas is increasing rapidly across the country.

Parasol - Event umbrellas in 2023

Umbrellas are used to cover rain and sun nowadays, they are still often found in many places, manufactured from high-end imported 210D or 420D umbrella fabrics.

To be able to stretch over such a large area requires many key factors such as good materials, standard production processes, and guaranteed workmanship.

We are a unit specializing in providing products from parachute fabrics and PVC tarpaulins with many years of experience in the industry to ensure the most satisfied and trustworthy customers.

At the beginning of the new school year, all schools across the country have martial arts competitions for their students. It is also at this time that there is the heaviest rainfall of the year, so the school invests in a parasol, or goes outside. Renting is really necessary to ensure the health of teachers and students.

It is during the rainy season and towards the end of the year that many businesses organize outdoor programs, so they must also use outdoor event umbrellas to ensure the program’s success.

Families in the clan also have to buy a spare room for themselves during the season of house construction, weddings, worshiping ceremonies, etc. to ensure the quality of work.

The details that make up an event umbrella are:

Use event umbrellas for school grounds
Use event umbrellas for school grounds

Different from the off-center umbrella or the center umbrella, this type of event umbrellas has a much larger coverage area, but when retracted for storage, it is very compact.

The parachute pole is manufactured based on a design with a popular height of about 8-10m (for parachutes with a diameter of 24m) connected by 2m sections through stable joints with sturdy bolts, the material is made of box iron. Galvanized 2.5cm x 2.5cm covered with anti-rust paint. Pillar size will vary according to the width of the umbrella fabric.

The umbrella fabric used is imported 210D or 420D Polyester fabric, the fabric is thick and sturdy, has good tear resistance, does not attract dust and is especially “water-repellent“, so it is less likely to seep back in. Can withstand outdoor rain and sun extremely well.

The parachute anchor cable is responsible for keeping the pillar and parachute system stable and not swaying due to the influence of wind and rain. Usually cable 6 will be used as a vertical anchor point for the pillars to be tightly anchored to the buildings or tall trees nearby. In addition, there are some indispensable accessories such as increase trimmer and cable locks.

The parachute lanyard is made from tough, durable nylon fiber and has the task of stretching the parachute flat without overlapping in length depending on the width of the parachute, then we will calculate accordingly for the customer.

Choose the size and color of the event umbrellas for the most effectiveness

Use umbrellas for event areas
Use umbrellas for event areas

We have standard sizes for event umbrella, but depending on the area of ​​use, you must choose a reasonable one to be effective, to avoid situations where the yard has a large area and will be used again. Small umbrellas, or small yards use large umbrellas.

Choose the color of the event umbrellas, in fact, choosing the color of the umbrella does not follow any framework, you should only consider the space of your context and choose the color accordingly. We often see blue and white umbrellas used in schools, in customer appreciation programs, businesses often choose red and white,…

Although there are colors for you to choose from: blue with white stripes, blue with red stripes, red with white stripes, blue with red and white, all blue, all red, all white,…

Popular sizes of umbrellas are: 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 15m, 16m, 18m, 20m, 22m, 24m, 25m, 26m, 30m

Whether the event has many shapes such as circle, ellipse or rectangle. The size of a rectangular or elliptical sunshade ranges from 10mx20m; 12mx24m; 13m; 26m;14mx28m; 15mx30m; 16mx32m; 18mx36m.

There are also square umbrellas: 10mx12m; 12mx14m; 15mx15m;26mx26m; 20mx20m; 18mx18m.

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